100 Days of Happiness

By Denise Daub


What makes you happy?  Do you even know? Do you go through your day mindless of those happy moments?  How many times a day do you smile, chuckle or just feel a sense of happiness?  Do you ever take a moment and think about that moment, I mean really think about it, savor and cherish it? Do you have any idea what 1 day of happiness looks like? How about 100 days? Would you like to find out?

So, here it is the challenge, #100HappyDays project.   Happiness in images.  Go to http://100happydays.com/ and join. You choose your platform, but we would also love to see your moments, so post your images on our facebook page with the hashtag #100happydays.

Do you have time to be happy today?



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