Today is November 12, 2013.

That means today is 11/12/13!

We only have one of those dates left in our lifetime. Next year, on December 13, 2014 the date will be 12/13/14.

Today don’t miss this opportunity to write11-12-13 the date as many places as you can.

What has this got to do with mental health and happiness? One of our greatest needs is the need for fun. This includes finding joy where ever you can. For me there is joy in discovering that today is an extraordinary day simply because of the date on the calendar.

This may not be your greatest joy, but don’t miss joy where ever you can find it.

Share this special calendar fun with others to bring joy to them as well.

1 thought on “11/12/13

  1. I’ll surprise my wife with this fact and she’ll get a kick out of it because today is her birthday. Thanks for the information.

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