Alone Time

By Maria Trujillo alias Manual DeVie (originally posted 2/24/14)

Home alone. Whaaaat?

dancingtigerYa know what that means….time to dance like no one is watching!

With wind chill temperatures averaging in the minus 20’s and a house filled with children suffering from the chicken pox, it was easy to understand my excitement at the first taste of freedom I had had in days. As I watched the school bus carrying my now well children come and go my mind quickly started calculating how much time I had and what I wanted to do with this glorious time to myself.

There was no burning desire to accomplish anything. My power need was satiated. My love and belonging cup was overflowing with all the mommy care that had been going on.

It was more about having the freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted. I smiled at the mere thought of it. I had a day of freedom and fun all to myself!

For me that meant music. I could listen to the music I like at the volume level I want. I had only to please myself.

Spinach is a hard sell in this house. I do have one rule that I apply only to myself though. No woulda, coulda, shoulda’s allowed. That would be like trying to fill your cup knowing you picked one with a slow leak. Ah, the joy, mental health and happiness of being home alone!

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