Be Grateful

By Dr. Ken Larsen (Originally posted 4/11/14)

Those familiar with the New Testament can recall the story of the ten lepers who were healed.

My father in law was a good friend and he liked to keep that story in mind.  Especially the part where only one returned in gratitude to say thanks.  Ten men were given the gift of a fresh new life.  Only one returned to say “Thanks.”

That’s a good story to remember as we face the challenges and difficulties of life in these often troubled times.  Even though the question “is your glass half full or half empty” is a bit of a cliché, it still contains enough wisdom to get us to think about our life and the choices we have as we live it.


We have a choice in how we focus on the life we are living and the people in it. We can be focused on our complaints, or we can focus on what is good and true and beautiful.

Early in my marriage someone reminded me that clean socks and underwear didn’t crawl into the drawer by themselves.  I started to say thanks for the many ways my wife was making a home for all of us.

Think of the many people that serve us daily.  From the mail man to the guy who picks up the garbage and on and on.  A word of thanks and a warm smile can go a long way to making a long hard day a bit easier.

We’ve learned that we have choices and that the choices we make determine the course of our life.  Those choices often have an impact on the quality of our life and the lives of others.  Being grateful internally and expressing our thanks externally can move us all to a better experience of life.

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