Books! Books! Books!

by Nancy S Buck, PhD, RN

“Where are we?” my youngest high school age son asked me as he awoke from his nap. We were sitting together at the back of the plane on our way to a family vacation.

As usual you managed to sleep through the entire flight. We are about to land. While you were sleeping there was a murder committed on this plane!” 

That woke him up!

“Yes, I’ve been reading this book while you slept and one of the main characters was murdered.” 

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One of my greatest parenting delights was discovering that my children love to read! They are avid book readers. And they read books in almost every genre. For me this has been a dream come true. I love to read and I love books! Truth be told, I like people who love to read books better than people who don’t.


Are you a reader?

If you are I hope you are taking advantage of all of the books, books, books in the world.  There are wonderful books that are hot off the presses and volumes and volumes of  classics from yore. There are books that teach, entertain, inform, and just make you laugh! There are books that spark your imagination and books that inspire you, books that allow you to take a great adventure in foreign lands without ever leaving home. There are books about murder and mayhem, some based on the reality of the world and some conjured by an author’s imagination. There are books that can heal and mend your broken heart and spirit. There are books to help with your Mental Health & Happiness as self-help books and others that are biographical or autobiographical.

Are you a member of your local public library? If not, stop reading this blog and RUN to your closest one. Public libraries may have been the best invention and creation ever! There is information about anything you could ever want to know, and books and reference material about things you don’t even know that you want to know, all to be borrowed for FREE!

There are now many places where you can find books, not just your public library. And there are books in all sorts of formats: audio books, books for your electronic device, ebooks, graphic novels (I use to call them comic books), books for specific age categories (some of my favorite books are from the Young Adult category), picture books, to name some additional varieties to the standard hard or soft cover books.

Here’s a tip for perhaps the greatest, deepest, and most expansive resources available to you as you continue to develop, improve and maintain your good Mental Health & Happiness. Cultivate your relationships with books!

So many books
So little time
— Frank Zappa

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