Color Yourself Happy

By Denise Daub

While perusing looking for a book,  I came across something I had never seen before, adult coloring books.  Maybe you have heard of this… it is a very big thing now. Supposedly, taking time to sit and color can be relaxing  and help relieve stress.  It  can also have meditative qualities.

I know, I know who has time to color….or exercise or meditate for that matter.  I don’t know there is something intriguing and whimsical about sitting down and coloring.

colormehappyIf you are interested, just go to amazon and search “adult coloring books” and you will find many different ones.  The first one that I seen was entitled Color Me Happy, which inspired me to write this post.  Unfortunately, this book is out of stock as of the time of writing this post, but there are lots of books on different subjects like stress and balance and themes such as animals and flowers.

I plan on ordering one of these coloring books and am going to give it a try. Maybe you want to give it a try and color yourself happy!

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One thought on “Color Yourself Happy

  1. So happy to learn about these Denise. My eldest sister has been doing this for years. In the evening when she and her husband sit down in front of the TV to watch the shows they have taped, Susan colors. I know what I’ll be getting her for her next birthday present. And I’ll give it a try too.
    Thanks for sharing!

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