By Dr. Nancy Buck,

This is my favorite time of the year! Finally the world is waking up and is full of the complete spectrum of colors, not just the black, white, brown and grays of winter.

Now the grass is turning green, the tulips are popping into bloom, the red bud emerges, sweet daffodils declare themselves yellow, and white, purple, and lavender hyacinths burst forth in color and fragrance.

canstockphoto0374035What is your favorite color? Do you have one color dominating your closet or wardrobe? Is this the color you’ve been told looks best on you or one that you really love?

What colors do you live with in your home? Was this your choice or one made by someone else? Are you happy with the choice?

Have you ever noticed your mood changing because of the colors that surround you? After I painted and wallpapered by babies’nursery yellow I learned that yellow brings out crying and whining in babies! Luckily this seemed to only be a notion declared in a magazine article and not one shared by my children.

Why not take a moment today and consider how color affects your Mental Health & Happiness. I know I’m a woman who craves, loves and is affected by color. When Im surrounded by too many neutrals of navy, beige or gray, I grow tired, flat and less happy.

How about you?

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