Epigenetic and Choice Theory

By Mona Dunkin

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?



The chicken and the egg are interdependent. The egg-laying chicken and the developing egg each have a viable part to play in the on-going production of breakfast and casseroles.

Here is another round-robin-riddle. Which came first, the theory or the theorem?


The developing-egg theory is, “I have a pretty good grasp as to what the outcome will be of my idea” (i.e. based on previous experience, the creative cook has a fairly good idea of how a newly developed recipe will turn out).  A loose definition of theory is it is a not-as-yet proven.

Encarta Dictionary defines theorem as “a proposition or formula in mathematics or logic that is provable from a set of axioms and basic assumptions.” Theorem is experiments getting closer to text-book-weighed-and-measured fact.

Boiled down, epigenetics is the science of gene/cell development. A 13-year Human Genome Project (HGP) involving scientists from around the world discovered that each individual cell in our body pretty much has a life of its own.

Epigenetic Scientist Bruce Lipton calls it “The Biology of Belief”; meaning that our cells turn-on or turn-off depending on what we believe.



“Sure, I would love to have a doughnut.”


And the whole body goes into pre-programmed operation. The brain values the delicacy, the mouth salivates to receive the morsel and the genes turns “on” to store fat.

“No, thank you, I’ll pass on the doughnuts.”

And the whole body musters strength to re-write previous programming. The brain values a nutritious salad, genes turn “off” to keep from storing fat – thereby improving your health – and your waist thanks you.

I love it when theory becomes fact.

Dr. William Glasser, founder of Reality Therapy, called it Choice Theory. Consciously or carelessly we choose how we behave…

  • which translates into having chosen what we do
  • which greatly influences how we feel
  • which is embraced/disputed by our thinking
  • which genetically becomes who we are – mentally, physically and relationally.

Always has. Always will. And now science is proving it.


2 thoughts on “Epigenetic and Choice Theory

  1. Thank you, Mona. I enjoy reading your Motivational Messages. They hit home with me. Epigenetic and Choice theory is exciting and new. I want to learn more about it. Frank Ferguson has advised me to read “ON Intelligence” by Jeff Hawkins. Are you familiar with it? And if so, what is your opinion?

    1. Thanks for your comment. I am not familiar with Jeff Hawkin’s work and the title sounds interesting. I recommend Dr. Dawson Church – any of his books but especially The Genie in Your Genes. I also like Dr. Joe Dispenza and his book Breaking the Habit of Being You. Dr. Dispenza has several YouTube teachings and he reminds me a lot of Dr. Glasser’s plain talk that anyone can understand; he just talks without charts or theatrics. Blessings, Mona

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