How to Find Your Happiness

Submitted by Denise Daub


Many of us are going about happiness all wrong.

canstockphoto15119958Despite what we may believe, quite often, we are not really seeking our own happiness at all. Many of us don’t know ourselves well enough to conceptualize what we actually want. We conform to the notions and ideals of our society, our family and other influences that can drown out our own point of view. We spend our lives repeating patterns and filling prescriptions from our past that don’t serve us in the present. To varying degrees, we fail to differentiate ourselves, to separate from limiting outside influences and realize our unique value in the world around us. When these outside forces seep in and quietly overtake us, we wind up seeking someone else’s idea of happiness.

The key to one’s happiness is buried inside the process of recognizing and differentiating from these forces.

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