First Global Summit on Mental Health and Happiness October 10.

October 10th has been designated World Mental Health Day.  To support worldwide mental health, the William Glasser Institute – US is sponsoring a 24-hour Global Summit on Mental Health and Happiness.

Taking advantage of the wonders of the internet and worldwide video distribution, we will be featuring notable guests with expertise in many areas of mental health.  Interviews with our guests will be broadcast worldwide via Google’s “Hangouts on Air.”


This will be a groundbreaking pioneering effort to demonstrate our connections across borders and ideologies.   All of us among the human family hunger for many of the same things that support mental health and happiness.  We will be broadcasting presentations with cross-cultural value from several points on our globe.  We will have speakers from the northern hemisphere in the United States, we will have speakers from the southern hemisphere, from New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia.

Marshall McLuhan, the Canadian philosopher of communication theory, once cryptically commented “The medium is the message.”

This summit is one way that demonstrates the application of McLuhan’s message.  We have the technology to link humanity around the world.  In this way, the medium is the message that we are all connected.  This connection needs to be nurtured and supported in every way we can.

Be a witness and participant in this historic event.  Register for the Summit today and become part of this effort to strengthen the bonds that unite us in the human family.  We want to focus on what contributes to the mental health and happiness for all of us as individuals and for us collectively as citizens of this complicated planet.

To register and to look at our guest speakers go to /MHHsummit.html.


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