by Nancy S Buck, PhD, RN

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
— Anthony D’Angelo
(Thanks for sharing this quote on our quote page Miranda Galbreath)

Do you consider yourself a person who is generally happy, upbeat, optimistic? Or would you say you are more of a realist, clear about the potential hazards and failures as well as good fortune? Perhaps you are a superstitious person, avoiding walking under ladders or letting black cats cross your path and never walking on sidewalk cracks if you can avoid it.

There has been some interest in the idea that we are each born with a happiness set point, just as has been suggested there is a weight set point. The notion of a happiness set point means that no matter how high or low your happiness may rise or fall due to a new life circumstance or event, you eventually fall back and settle to your “usual” level of your happiness set point.

If this is true, then it could also be true that we have the ability to change our happiness set point, just like we do our weight. This doesn’t mean that making this shift is easy to do as you may well know if you have ever tried to lose weight when you are stuck at a certain weight set point. But it can be done. (Your level of belief and enthusiasm for this notion is probably affected by your happiness set point.)

Are you willing to conduct your own experiment to see if you can learn and practice new happiness habits to raise your level of happiness? You can start by setting a goal to be happier instead of aiming for a big goal like happiness.

Here are some ideas that might help: Join and start practicing Mental Health & Happiness daily challenges. Pick out one of the many habits that you received when you signed up to this website. Find a website that delivers daily jokes, inspirational quotes, images of cute puppies, kittens or babies that help you create your own inside sunshine. Or try to find what you like, agree with and want even in situations or events that seem to be only contrary.

Who knows, maybe you will be the person other’s describe as the one who brings sunshine wherever you go, no matter the weather.

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