Jump for Joy and Happiness

By Dr. Nancy Buck

Want to know what mental health and happiness looks like? Watch a child discover then dive deep into play with a puddle. There may be no greater happiness or pure joy anywhere.

So what’s wrong with us? Too many adults awaken to a rainy day with dreary thoughts, complaining to themselves or anyone else who will listen about how the rain is going to interfere with their day, their plans or their spirits.

canstockphoto15119958Imagine you wake up to a rainy day with joyful anticipation. Grabbing your rain coat and boots you march outside. You’re on a hunt. The goal is to discover every puddle to jump into. See if you succeed in maker bigger and bigger splashes.

Why should you do this? Just for the joy and fun of it. And along with this action you will find a bit of improved mental health and happiness.

Try it and see.

If you could offer one piece of advice for Mental Health and Happiness what would it be?

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