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The work at MHH is all done on a voluteer basis. We offer our blogs, 21-day Challenges and our annual MHH Summit without charge for everyone. We do not ask for anything in return except to maybe help spread the word about our message and our website. If you would like to donate to this cause, the money will be used for office supplies, expenses such as web hosting, accounting, insurance and marketing. You will never be solicited for donations. We only offer this option because we have had people ask us how they can donate to support and sustain the work of MHH. There are many ways you can do that without donating money so feel no pressure to give but know if you do, your donation will be put to good use. MHH is a subsidiary of the William Glasser Institute – US and as such is a not-for-profit entity so you will receive a tax-deductible receipt for any donations made.

Thank you very much.

The Team at Mental Health and Happiness
A Subsidiary of The William Glasser Institute – US.

One Time Donation


Recurring Payment Options

$10 for Six (6) Months  
$10 for Twelve (12) Months  
$15 for Six (6) Months  
$15 for Twelve (12) Months  
$20 for Six (6) Months  
$20 for Twelve (12) Months  
$25 for Six (6) Months  
$25 for Twelve (12) Months  
If you would like to set up a recurring amount that is different than what is stated above or for a different time period, please contact me at

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