Mission Statement

Mental Health and Happiness

Our mission is to help you understand what mental health and happiness is, to understand what you need to do to get into good mental health and happiness and to learn and practice the habits to maintain and improve your mental health and happiness.

Just as you know what it takes to get into better physical shape and health, we want you to be clear and knowledgeable about the simple steps necessary to get into good mental health and happiness.

Just like you know what you need to do every day to maintain good dental and oral health, we want you to practice all the good mental health habits that will contribute to your happiness.


Choice Theory psychology is the theory behind all of these posts and articles. Dr. William Glasser, world renowned author and psychiatrist is the originator of this new psychology. He was the first to define good mental health which is much more than the absence of mental illness. He was the first to declare that learning and practicing the good mental health habits of meeting your needs for safety, love, power, fun and freedom is a public health issue. Choice Theory psychology is not difficult to learn. But it is a challenge to practice regularly.

WGI-US is a group of people who study, practice and teach Choice Theory psychology as it is practiced in counseling, known as Reality Therapy, schools known as Glasser Quality Schools, management known as Lead management. WGI-US is the US affiliate of the William Glasser International, the main organization facilitating the teaching and practicing of Choice Theory psychology around the world.

WGI-US is the sponsor of this website.

To learn more please visit www.wglasser.com or www.wglasserinternational.org


5 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. I’m excited to see this site up and running! I’m busily some of the articles posted on the Facebook page to share with my groups at the Albion State Prison! I was also excited to forward this page to some friends of mine who work at the holistic wellness division of a local mental health agency. They’re always looking for new ideas and perspectives!

    1. I just saw this comment Miranda and want to thank you for spreading the word. Have you signed up for the 21-day challenges yet? We are getting some great feedback on that!

  2. I was lucky enough to be trained in Choice Theory and many of Dr. Glasser’s works from the Quality School on. I enjoyed my time with Dr. Glasser and found his passion about helping others to be the best part of him. His work made me rethink my own life, making me a better teacher, mother and wife. All the best in keeping his work alive!

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