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Self-Love & Happiness Interview with Kim Olver and Dr. Nancy Buck

anasuya1_thmbDr. Anasuya Jegathevi Jegathesan. Malaysia
Owner/Counselor at Ajjhearttalk Counselling and Senior Lecturer at HELP University College

The video contains an interesting discussion of how Choice Theory supports responsible choices in cross cultural situations. Dr. Anasuya goes into some depth on how Reality Therapy and an understanding of Choice Theory affect parenting and family life. She concludes the interview with an interesting overview of the history of her country, Malaysia, from a British Colony, through Japanese occupation during WWII , to their present independence.


Chaya Grossberg is a writer, teacher, coach and group facilitator living in San Francisco. She teaches classes and leads support groups on coming off psychiatric drugs and alternatives to psych drugs, as well as coaching individuals in person and by phone. She has been working as an activist for change in the “mental health” system and worked in providing holistic mental health alternatives  for the past 10 years.  She studied creative writing and experiential education at Hampshire College and is a Kripalu certified yoga instructor.  Chaya is a psychiatric survivor and has publicly spoken, written and blogged about her experiences and perspectives.  She has also written poetry and created art and performance pieces to open the public’s mind to mental diversity and the importance of educated and informed choice.

In this video we discuss her “rebirth” from her misadventures with psychiatry and psychiatric drugs.  She speaks with a calm intensity that reveals her deep concern for helping others with similar experiences. I particularly liked what she is doing to help who she calls the “voiceless” in our society find healthy ways of telling their story with blogs.  Chaya is an interesting young woman.