Random Acts of Kindness

By Dr. Ken Larsen

  I used to carry a card in my wallet that had two messages.

One was something attributed to Lincoln sayinghappypeople that people are as happy as they make up their minds to be.

The second was encouragement to do something nice for someone and don’t get caught.

Occasionally I encounter exceptional service in a store or office.  I like to write letters to that person’s superior, telling of my very positive experience.  One lady traced me down and told me that my letter had been part of the reason she got a major promotion.

I like to look for heartwarming smiles.  First I like to smile back, and then I like to tell the other person how pleasant they look.

That was reversed on me recently.  I was in the Dallas airport going through the security line.  One lmartinlutherkingady directed me to another line.  She was pleasant, not surly.  I smiled at her.  She looked at me and said, “with that smile darlin…” and she went on to make a lightly flirtatious comment.  I have to admit that I smiled on the inside, too. J

I don’t like to focus on physical appearance or clothing because that can be seen as flattery, which I want to avoid.  That’s why I like the word “heartwarming”.  Something that sends a message of life and goodness is worth recognizing.

Of course the takeaway message here is that what you give in love and kindness you get back.  So let’s give a bunch today.motherteresa

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