Re-Set Button

By Denise Daub

Every year during the spring and summer I spend time at our camp by the lake.  I think of my time up there as my “re-set”, the place I go to think, reflect, relax, catch up on my reading and most of all disconnect.  There is no internet and no TV, there isn’t much to do but take walks and kayak.  Unfortunately, it is far enough away that I can only visit a few times a year and only in the warmer weather so I only get to “re-set” a couple of times of year.

I have been thinking about that.. disconnecting only a few times a year… I don’t think that is enough… do you?


How many times a year, month or week do you disconnect?  Do you ever disconnect?  Just about everyone has a cell phone today and you can always be reached.  Everyone has a computer and we now get news 24 hours a day.  Social media has replaced letters and conversation and we now know what all our friends and family are doing every second of the day.

I decided that I am not waiting until May to hit my next re-set button… I am going to shoot for one a month.  I know that is really not enough… but I need to start somewhere.  I know I have to do something different because by the time May rolls around, I am burned out.

How about you?  When are you going to hit your re-set button?

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