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  1. There seems to be a missing topic that will very soon affect millions of Americans. Aging is inevitable, and influenced by disease and true mental illness ( dementia, Alzheimer’s )
    It would be enormously helpful for those of us there and for those soon to be there, to have a variety of observations as well as perceptions of the caring habits and the reality of the deadly habits.

    1. Is this suggesting that dementia and Alzheimer’s r true mental illness suggesting what that bipolar schizophrenia and even boring old depression aren’t mental illness

      1. Dear Liz,
        Did you ever get an answer to your question? Perhaps the blog written on 6/14/14 might help. Dr. Glasser was pretty clear that many (he would way most or all) of the diagnosis of mental illness are not really “true” mental illnesses. I believe he would hold a different point of view about Alzheimer’s disease because there is an actual change in our brain that is diagnosable. But the others are not diseases like diabetes or a broken bone. Even the ads about depression being a problem with your brain that can be “cured” with medication doesn’t hold true since there is now another medication that helps with the first that doesn’t quite work. Dr. Glasser said a pill can never take the place of a friend.
        What may be more important however, is that no matter what your belief, diagnosis or experience, your life will be better when you work to meet your basic needs (safety, love, power, fun, and freedom) every day in responsible and respectful ways. When you work to improve (or develop first) meaningful relationships with the important people in your life, where you do not try to control one another, your life will be much improved, mentally healthier and happier. Hope this helps answer your question.

    2. A wonderful resource for families experiencing Alzheimer’s in their family or close friend, is the book by Gary Chapman: Keeping the Love Alive when Memories Fade.
      Although this is not a Choice Theory book, it helps people think about the ways that they are providing care for the Alzheimer patient. I found it to be a wonderful source for thinking about the basic needs of the patient and how I could continue to connect when they could no longer communicate their needs to me.

  2. Dear All,
    A beautifull website, looking forward to see more posts.
    I would like to see some background info about the founders and the contributing bloggers as well as an area for general feedback, questions or exchange of ideas, that do not address a specific blog.

    Keep joyfully posting to connect the world in choice

    Mona K. Al-Fajem, Dammam, Saudi-Arabia

  3. Have you considered interviewing Jim Roy, Bob Wubbolding, Barbara Fredrickson, Bruce Lipton, Martin Seligman, or Diane Gossen? Any of these would add to the day of interviews for the summit.

  4. My book “Mastering Your Self, Mastering your World: Living By the Serenity Prayer” (published by John Hunt Publishing, 2015) is now available in both e-version and print version. In it, I present numerous studies on personal control, personal mastery, locus of control, self-efficacy, etc. focused on the general reading public. The material shows the great power of believing in one’s personal mastery has powerful effects on physical and mental health. I also review the techniques proven to enhance personal mastery beliefs. Your readers may find this information helpful.

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