Super Bowl Victory!

By Terri Allen

Saturday evening I returned to my home to Seattle, Washington after attending a business meeting in Texas. There was a general feeling of enthusiasm among the travelers at the departing gate. After all, it was Super Bowl Eve, and we were headed to Seattle, home of the NFC Division Championship Seattle Seahawks!

More than a few of us were sporting Seahawks t-shirts and caps. We passed each other with nods, smiles, and cheers of “Go Hawks!” People who might never speak to each other were greeting one another with warmth and conviviality. We were all part of the 12th Man.

As the time approached to board the plane, the airline attendant asked over the PA, “Any Seahawks fans out there?”  There was an answer of loud cheers from the travelers. The attendant began the pre-boarding process, asking for people traveling with small children to board first, then members of the armed forces, first class passengers and MVP members. Normally what would come next is the general boarding. Instead the attendant invited anyone wearing Seahawks gear to enjoy preferential boarding. Another loud cheer erupted from these privileged passengers!


Being a Seahawks fan had many advantages that night. I made quick connections with my fellow fan passengers, I got on the plane ahead of people who didn’t wear the preferred gear, and I was generally well received and liked by all of the other Seahawks fans in the terminal and on the plane. You could say that the quality of my world was better on that flight because I was experiencing something important to me, Seahawks enthusiasm, and I was able to share it with other people who were also enthused. It was quite motivating and satisfying.

We all have visions in our minds of what we care about most in life: people, experiences, and things that are meaningful to us. We imagine that the quality of our personal world will improve and we will be happier when we gain access to these visions in reality.  The sum of all of these visions makes up our quality world, and our quality world is at the core of who we are.

Usually the people in our quality world are family and close friends. But that night there were other Seattle Seahawks fans who were in the quality worlds of many other passengers on the flight from San Antonio to Seattle Saturday night.

It was fun to get into a fan mindset by wearing Seahawks gear, visit with like-minded passengers, think about what it would be like if the Hawks won the Super Bowl, and see the green and blue lit Space Needle as the plane descended into Seattle.

Any time we can access in the real world the images in our quality world, like the Seahawks fans on the Seattle flight, our level of mental health and happiness increases. Being with fans wearing their t-shirts, ball caps, green and blue jewelry, and Seahawks manicures enhanced my real life quality world experience.

The poor Denver Broncos fans they are less than happy about their team’s loss. They had a vision of the Broncos winning the Super Bowl and of celebrating their victory. Without the victory, there is a mismatch between what Bronco’s fans wanted from their quality world, and what they got in reality.

Want to increase your own mental health and happiness? Start paying attention to those moments, experiences and times when the visions you have in your quality world match your real work experiences. Get to know your quality world and you will understand what motivates your life.


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