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Follow your passion

Contributed by Denise Daub

5 Incredible Things That Happen When You Follow Your Passion

by Susie Moore

“Respond to every call that ignites your spirit” — Rumi

So often we think we can’t make money doing what we love so we do not begin. We separate our job from the work we truly love to do. Getting started on a passion project overwhelms us and we never start. We think an entire life change is required when this is not necessarily true. Unless you are one of the fortunate few whose full time job is what you always hoped would be your life’s work (around 10 percent of us), it’s possible to pursue your passion outside of the office if you make it a priority.

I know an attorney who teaches guitar, a real estate broker with a large following as a food blogger and a headhunter who has an online course in travel writing. They love it! It adds a rich and awesome element to their life and who knows — maybe there will be a transition down the track if and when they decide to make it. It also gives more options in times of economic uncertainty (and in 2015, there is no such thing as job security).

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/susie-moore/5-incredible-things-that-happen-when-you-follow-your-passion_b_10098390.html?utm_hp_ref=healthy-living

Learning and Growing

By Nancy S Buck, PhD, RN

Our brain is like a sponge, seeking new information through our every sense, including our sixth sense. With new information received we are processing the world to help us make decisions. We store this information and process our experiences. This combination of receiving and sorting helps us to understand the world and ourselves in the world better. The result is that we live in an ever changing world not only because the world is changing, but we are changing how we understand it. Our growth and learning is an inter-dependent interaction. This process is not only exciting and needs satisfying, it is also necessary. The greater the growth and learning the greater our Mental Health & Happiness.

What have you learned lately?

What have you done to put yourself in the position to be open to receiving new information?

This may not be as hard as you think. Have you read a good book lately? It doesn’t need to be only a non-fiction book to add to your knowledge base. Fiction can open you to places and experiences not part of your ordinary “real” life.  You can live new life experiences with fictional characters.

Want to learn even more through reading? Start reading different kinds of books from your usual. Choose a different genre, like biographies or historical fiction, or books of inspiration or “how-to” books, or fiction if you are a non-fiction reader, or vice versa.

Where is the last new place you experienced? It may be a different country, but it could be as simple as visiting a different county or state. If you live in the city spend a weekend in the country, and vice versa.

Do you attend church? Why not visit a different church this Sunday? You could visit a different denomination while you open your eyes, ears, and heart to new experiences.