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The Blind Leading the Blind (and they all fall down)

by Mona Dunkin

You’ve heard the story of the blind men describing an elephant.  Each man was exposed to a different part of the elephant and each man described that part of the elephant in keeping with something he was familiar with.  The leg was ‘kinda like’ a tree. The tail was ‘kinda like’ a rope.  According to the poem by John Sykes, each of the blind men were “partly right, yet all of them were wrong.”

Blindness is equated with ignorance; not to be stupid, but something you don’t know. All we have in life is our experiences, beliefs, faith and encounters with things we don’t understand.  Everything we know comes through filters and when our filters are clogged that is just another form of darkness, or ignorance.

One only knows what one knows. Conversely, we don’t know what we don’t know.

In keeping with the Law of Attraction, the blind men married blind wives. The blind wives bought into the perception of the blind husbands. Whether it was genetic disposition or cultural hangover, the blind men and the blind wives produced blind children – and grandchildren who blindly bought into the ‘kinda-like-common-sense” concepts. They believed, bought into and passed on to future generations the distortion of what the elephant looked like and/or who he was.

All of us blindly carry cultural conditionings with us. Not that that is wrong, it’s just limiting.

Although we live in an expanding universe, our day-to-day exposure is mostly confined to the familiar.

perceptionOur comparing place is always working – whether to accurately interpret or to distort. It happens as we try to see what we want to see.  All of our senses bring experiences into our world. We believe what we believe until we believe something different. Or until we see differently.

All we can get from the real world (people, places, things) is information. Information itself is not the problem. How we handle it may be. Same information: one chooses anger, one chooses indifference and one chooses acceptance.  Whether it is a 6 or a 9 depends on one’s point of view. It’s nothing to go to war over.

The moral of this little tale is this. We may unknowingly damage our own health and limit our own happiness by blindly assuming what something (or someone) else is like.

The way we challenge our perceptions is through more information; outward as well as inward. Hearing another’s point of view as well as examining our own wisdom-heart for truth. Look into the mysteries of the universe. Adopt an air of curiosity with no judgment. Push self beyond limited boundaries. Find beauty in life and growth through difficult circumstances. Engage in an empty, hungry, patient outward gaze into the ordinary. And discover there is no such thing as an ordinary day.

Finding Your Passion

By Nancy S Buck, PhD, RN

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls. — Joseph Campbell

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. —  Harriet Tubman

Ever read these kinds of quotes before? Does it help you feel inspired, fired up and ready to go out into the world and take your next step to conquer your fears and realize your daydream2dream? Or do you feel annoyed and irritated instead? Do you wonder what your dreams and passions are? How are you supposed to follow your bliss when you don’t even know what that is?

Here are a couple of stories that just might help improve your Mental Health & Happiness as you consider or reconsider your bliss, passion and dreams.

Once upon a time I started a college program where I was able to create my own course of study. I knew I needed the program to be interdisciplinary. And I knew some of the academic disciplines I was already interested in. But what else?

Following the direction of a well seasoned college professor, I gathered together all of my purchased books as well as borrowed books and articles (from the library and friends). I discovered something amazing! There, right before my eyes, were two very clear categories of subjects I had been studying on my own, driven by my own interest and curiosity: women’s studies and religion. I had unearthed some of my hidden curiosities, passions, and desires!

Once upon a time in another person’s life, my friend went on a great European summer adventure with his old and reliable camera in hand. His great adventure was filled with learning, fun and picture taking. He could hardly wait to return to the states in early September to develop all of the wonderful pictures he had taken of all of the beautiful women he saw in each new country and city.

Imagine his surprise when upon developing all of his many photographs he saw building, after ruin, after architectural angle and  points of interest. He was completely surprised by his own inner knower that led him to his life’s work. He is now a successful architectural photographer!

Want to start following your own bliss and passion? If you already know your driving dream then get going or keep going.

 There is no passion to be found playing small — in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. — Nelson Mandela

And if you are one of the many people whose passion, bliss and dreams are a mystery to you, then start your detective work now. Gather your books, pictures, articles, saved quotes, mementos, souvenirs, collections and any other clues you can about who you are, what you care about, what lights you on fire and sets your heart soaring. With these discoveries you too can start creating the life that is all you are capable of living. And your Mental Health & Happiness will hold steady at a bliss-filled level.                                              

Pathways to Mental Health & Happiness: Curiosity, Learning and Discovering

by Nancy S Buck, PhD, RN

These days there is much talk and attention being given to brain science, health and growth. It wasn’t all that long ago that the world believed your brain never repaired or regenerated itself. We now know this is not true. Once our brain is damaged, it is possible for new and altered pathways to develop. Now the concepts of a changing and growing brain are better understood. We are living during a time of considered research and understanding of what is actually happening in our brains.

Words like Human Brain Plasticity and Brain Activity and Connectivity  are not only being talked about and studied, there are now products to be purchase to help keep your brain in good working order and at optimal shape and conditioning.

Not only can you purchase a program or game to support brain health and Mental Health & Happiness, you can also rely on your own inherent genetic instruction and achieve the same thing. There is growing research to support Dr. Glasser’ idea that curiosity, learning and discovering are examples of our basic need for fun! Glasser stated that when we are having fun we are learning and when we are learning we are having fun. Now there is research supporting a positive brain state associated with learning.

In order to verify this thought for yourself, think back to something that your have learned, or are  learning now. I wouldn’t use the example of learning algebra in school unless algebra is something you wanted to learn. But it might be learning a musical instrument, a sport, a different language, photography, painting, astronomy, riding a unicycle or juggling. Were you enjoying yourself, playing and having fun while you were learning? Even though it may have taken time, concentration and perseverance, you also experienced joy, satisfaction and happiness. If this was not the case for you, then it’s time you started learning something that provokes your curiosity.

Here is one more example from my own life. In a recent conversation I had with my 4-year old grandson, I was once again talking with him about who my son is and how he’s related to Malakai? Who is another of my sons who is Malakai’s uncle? Figuring out who is who in a family via the son, daughter, mother, father and second cousin twice removed is a sophisticated concept. Who is my son? How is he related to you? I asked. Suddenly there was a bright smile and a knowing gleam in his eye. That’s my Dad he said to me with great satisfaction and pleasure. That was learning and discovery. And that contributed to his Mental Health & Happiness.

If you want to create a new pathway for your own Mental Health & Happiness, pursue your curiosity by learning and discovering something new today!