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Getting to school on time

By Bruce R Allen, MSW, LCSW

How do we make things happen?

When I was about 10 years old I was sitting in church with my mother. For some reason I decided not to take my usual nap in her lap. I actually listened to the sermon.

The preacher caught my interest because he was telling a story about two young boys who were supposed to get themselves to school.  They had gotten distracted as young boys tend to do and suddenly realized they were going to be late for school! There was no way they could walk as they usually did.

One turned to the other and suggested,  “Hey, let’s pray that we will make it to school on time.”

The second boy got excited and said, “Yes, maybe God will help us get there on time.”

prayer_18975289One boy knelt down, put his hands together and began to pray.  The other boy ran on to school, arriving just as the bell rang.

The boy who had knelt down was late for school.  When he saw his friend he said, “Hey, I thought we were going to pray. Why did you just run on to school?”

The boy who ran to school and got there on time said,  “I did pray………. while I ran.”

This sermon was probably my introduction to the ideas I now strive to make a part of my personal life and my work helping others.  Our intentions, our faith, our values and our theories about life need to be accompanied by a vigorous amount of activity to put those ideas in place.

It is great to be idealistic, good and faithful, but we are endowed with the ability to translate our intention into action,  which usually makes all the difference.