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Happiness By Serving Others

By Mike Rice

Before anything can be ruled in, it must first be ruled out. It often takes several years for the world to accept a theory to be valid. Take, for example, Albert Einstein. His theory of E =took as long as 15 years before the scientific world finally said, “Hey! He’s right!”

einsteinOnce his theory was accepted, the world came knocking at his door. He became, what appeared to be, an overnight success. He was in all the newspapers and magazines all around the world over something he had almost forgotten due to the world’s reluctance to accept his theory. He was now considered “a genius,” when not too long ago, he had been known as a person who failed math.

After having appeared on hundreds of radio interviews and speaking engagements, he was getting tired of all the fuss over him and his discovery. He was now being asked many questions on matters that had nothing to do with his theory of relativity as well as those of which he had no knowledge. On one such interview, consisting of many newspaper and magazine writers, he was asked, “Dr. Einstein, what is our purpose on earth?”

With a look of disgust, he quietly turned his back to his audience and began collecting his notes that were spread out over a table and began packing them into his briefcase. He then headed toward the door but stopped and turned to the audience and said, “To serve others.” He then turned and walked out the door.

When you think about it, this is what we do . . . serve others. It matters not if you are the garbage collector or the leader of the free world. Our purpose is to serve others. We serve our family, friends, employer, and society. The key to one’s happiness can be found in this concept as it ties into our basic and genetic needs.

We all serve others but how well do we do so? In business services, one’s success can be measured by how well they serve others. If not properly trained or shown how to serve clients, then not only will the business suffer but so will the employee and his/her clients. This same concept applies to our service to society and each other. If not properly trained or shown how to serve each other and society, people and society meet with failure and unhappiness.

How well do you serve others? Are you more concerned about how others serve you than how you serve others? If so, you may be missing out on the happiness you seek in life. Do you go the extra mile in your service to others or do you merely do your basic job and put in your time? Do you spend quality time with your partner/spouse and children or are you only physically present? Do you offer your best service to others even though they may not offer theirs to you? Does what you do in your service to others bring you closer to each other or drive you further away? You don’t always have to do what you like but you do have to like what you do. How much better would the world be if we treated and served everyone like our dearest friend?