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New Gadget, New Habit

By Susan Maese, LMSW

Living alone can test the resolve of good eating habits. Add long work hours, economic concerns, or lack of sleep and often the choice becomes pizza delivery. Then frustration of having chosen less healthy options sets in, and a litany of negative thoughts was apparently delivered along with the cheese & pepper. Maybe you have a thought to eat more fresh food. Perhaps you tell yourself you will make better choices…tomorrow.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow.  How about your choices today?  Is there a way to make better choices fun and entertaining?  What foods do you like?  Are there foods you are interested in trying?  Is there a particular technique you’d like to explore? Where would you start? Would you learn new things or meet new people in the exploration?

vegetablesConsider that fresh food resolve. Pinterest is a great cache of fun ideas. Let it spark your creativity in cooking new foods or cooking old favorites in new ways. Seek new spices or oils.  Comb the internet or grandma’s old cookbook for recipes.  Explore your local farmers markets, discover regional specialties, or search for sources of foreign cuisine ingredients.

A new gadget gets you in the kitchen to play with food, learn new techniques.  A new spice wakes up the sense of smell and taste.  Savoring the results reinforces the change in choices.  Choosing a positive action encourages positive thoughts.   Choose healthy, choose happy!