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Amazing Resources

by Nancy S Buck, PhD, RN

Do you ever wish for some help, advice, and good old common sense that doesn’t seem to be as common as it use to be? No surprise that the chances are your answer is no. In fact, many people are loath to listen to and receive unsolicited advice.

But if you’ve ever spent time with someone older than you by a generation or more, you’ve probably discovered that they are ready, willing and eager to give you help, advice and a story or two whether you’re interested in hearing it or not.

Don’t be too quick to jump to irritation and annoyance when their wisdom starts flowing. Research suggest that adults in their 60s are more sensitive to the pain and suffering of others. Perhaps the person who can give you the best comfort is the person you are too quick to dismiss.

Not only that, but folks in the 60s or older tend to be better at seeing the upside of a stressful or negative situations. This means they are more emotionally intelligent and better able to understand what you’re feeling as well as having the ability to see the positive gift, lesson and opportunity in any stressful of negative experience. They might actually be better able to advise and help guide you while emotionally supporting you than your contemporary. 

If, dear reader, you are one of those sexagenarians or older, imagine more young people in your life asking for your help and willing to listen to your life learned lessons as a guide post for their own life decisions. Wouldn’t that be great! Wanting and feeling the desire to tell your story when no one wants to listen can feel very lonely and isolating. You can increase the chances that young people will turn to you as their wise counsel if you wait to be asked.

We each have the ability to help improve the Mental Health & Happiness of another when we ask for and receive help, support and advice from someone in a different generation than our own. Amazing resources are closer than you think if you take another look for who just might be your best helper.