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Random Acts of Kindness

By Nancy S Buck, PhD, RN

How often do you do kind things for others? There was a time when committing random acts of kindness was all the rage.

You might come to a toll booth and discover that the driver in front of you had already paid for you. It wouldn’t be too unusual to purchase a cup of coffee only to discover that a stranger had paid for your coffee too. Even today you may experience good fortune if someone with a carriage filled with groceries will let you go first to pay for your three articles.

Not long ago there was a television commercial showing one person observing another person who was being kind and thoughtful. This inspired similar action by the observer who then was observed in kindness by another. And so the chain reaction of spreading kindness was demonstrated. I don’t remember the advertised product. But I was buying the random acts of kindness that was also being sold.

maninholeKindness can be contagious. And kindness feels good when you give or receive it. Somehow it feels like even more of a gift when the person extending this is a complete stranger! How awesome to discover that another person sharing the planet with you enjoys his or her ability to be generous!

If today is a day where you feel that our world is more and more disconnected, angry, alienated and cruel then today would be a great day for you to spread some random acts of kindness. Your Mental Health & Happiness will be enhanced if you do.

And if you are looking for some help and ideas, please visit www.randomactsofkindness.org. Just visiting this site is guaranteed to improve your Mental Health & Happiness.