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A Passion for Helping

Kim Olver, Counselor, Coach, Speaker, Author and Executive Director of the William Glasser Institute and William Glasser International.


Kim knew in 5th grade she wanted to be a helping professional when she grew up. How did she know so young? Many people in her class and older would come to her for advice. They came to her with their “boyfriend/girlfriend” problems or issues with teachers or parents. Kim had a gift and passion for helping others. Kim married a man she went to high school with even though they only began dating after high school. She knew marrying him would mean they would be living in their hometown forever. She was all right with that since it was a great place to raise children. They had two sons and life was good . . . until her husband was diagnosed with leukemia in 1994 and died 4½ years later.

Choice Theory helped Kim get through that dark time, his death, the subsequent challenges of parenting their two teenage sons alone, and managing the worry of her youngest son’s two deployments to Iraq. Now, her sons are married to wonderful women and they each have children of their own. Yes, that makes Kim a very proud, very young grandmother!

Today is Kim’s Birthday!  birthdaycake_sm

Learn more about Kim at our Mental Health & Happiness Summit, October 10th.


2015 Mental Health and Happiness Summit

by Dr. Ken Larsen



If it’s already been done, it must be possible.

We all have the opportunity to listen and learn from some wonderful people who have done it.  These folks regained or maintained their mental health and happiness, what we value so highly.

At this year’s Summit we’ll interview therapists, clinicians, theorists, and ordinary people who have learned valuable lessons. Each are eager to share what they have learned to benefit us and our learning.

On October 10, 2015, World Mental Health Day  we will feature one speaker each hour for twenty-four hours. Each speaker will share their insights and experiences so the rest of us can take away a few pearls. The goal is for us all to enhance our mental health and happiness.

Join us. Learn more. It’s free.

Register here:


You will be given the keys to unlock the treasure chest of experience and wisdom that will be shared throughout the day and night.

The recorded sessions will remain available for a short while after the 10th After that they will be available for purchase at a modest fee.