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By Michael Rice

All we do from birth until death is behave.  And all behavior is chosen for the purpose of satisfying happiness or pleasure.  — Dr. William Glasser

 Are you a human being or a human doing?  Reacting or responding? 

There are those who simply function on automatic pilot . . . behaving the same way day in and day out.  The have found comfort in their routine:  Rise in the morning, coffee & breakfast, groom for work, go to work, do their job in the same daily manner, go home, deal with the kids and have the last word, interact with the spouse if married, prepare and/or have dinner, watch TV to relax, and go to bed only to start all over the next day.  If single, they might isolate other than associating with coworkers and/or customers.  You know . . . Groundhog Day.  If nothing changes . . . nothing changes.


Weekends may be open for shopping, housework, etc but basically, it is the only break from the weekly routine they have.  If asked if this particular lifestyle is how they want to live for the rest of their lives, most would deny the offer.  Yet, days, weeks, and years go by without them doing anything that could effect a change in life for the better or towards how they would like their lives to be.  It’s almost as if they are thinking, “if I keep doing what I’m doing, something good will eventually come along ,” or “an opportunity will present itself” that will afford them the life they only dream of having.

Regardless of the thought process or the lack of action to improve one’s life, it will always be a choice to lack action or think creatively to make life better.  There are those who have become comfortable in both an uncomfortable situation as well as feeling comfortable “enough” rather than exert any further energy or efforts to improve their comfort level.  Like the hound dog story in a previous article, “They ain’t hurtin’ bad enough yet.”

If the effort required to attain the desired results is perceived as not being worth all that it may take to achieve it, why bother?  Our desires are found within our genetic Basic Needs.  Inasmuch as we have to learn our basic needs, and that nature does not automatically account for them as our other genetic traits, one word comes to mind as an umbrella that covers all of these needs:  Creativity.


Creativity is like a drug.  In fact, creativity produces the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine that gives pleasure not unlike alcohol or other drugs.  Ironically, it is alcohol and other drugs that eventually destroy creativity.  The greatest inventors of the world thrived on creativity as well as surrounding themselves with other creative people.  The largest financial titans of the 20th century and those of today got where they are through creativity.  However, I must admit that some of them had a major financial helping hand before they started.  But even with that being said, they still needed to have creativity to go beyond their starting point.

The human mind is very creative but so few take advantage of it or fail to associate with other creative minds that may lead to exciting things to do, live, love, and enjoy.

Creativity is the joy and art of living.  Reflect and recall the last thing you accomplished that required your creativity.  It may have be your home decorating, music, art, gardening, cooking, an invention, a literary piece, a presentation, an idea that was successful in business or you’re career.  What emotion did you have at the time?  You may even feel good at this very moment while remembering it.  Do you like that feeling?  Do you want to feel like that more often? 

Share it with someone important in your life.  A sorrow shared is half a sorrow.  A joy shared is twice a joy.

Now . . . do something else creative.