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This precious day

By Nancy S Buck, PhD, RN

Do you remember the last time your child came crying to you to have his or her wounds, pride, and heart comforted? You probably didn’t know it was going to be the last time until weeks later! Eventually you realized your child was handling his or her own soothing and comfort. And to your great regret you realized your child no longer needed your warm embrace to cover the booboo with your kisses. That part of your relationship slipped to an end. If you had only known the last time was going to be the last time you might have held tight a little longer to savor the moment.

canstockphoto0189025Do you remember the final lingering kiss from a lover that is no longer in you life? Don’t you wish you knew it was going to be the final kiss at the time? Knowing it now is too late to savor, enjoy and appreciate that moment.

Did your mother, grandmother, or some other magical chief make a dish that only she could cook to perfection? My mother cooked green and shelly beens with pork fat to perfection. She was a good southern cook who cooked this favorite summer indulgence when all the ingredients were fresh and readily available. Sadly, my mother is no longer living. Luckily she lived with me the last 2 years before her death. Together we cooked my favorite dish one more time. While I ate I knew it was to be the final time. With this knowledge I really savored and ate with gusto.

Luckily, many of life’s precious moments that cannot be experienced again are replaced by new precious moments. I can no longer sooth my son’s sufferings from cuts and bruises. But my grand children come to me occasionally for the same comfort. This time I don’t miss the moment. Each time I’m aware that this very moment could potentially be the last.