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Take a Nap

by Dr. Nancy Buck


As a mother of twin babies I was always sleep deprived. During the early months of care I spent my waking hours feeding, burping, bathing and diaper changing one baby only to be followed by the same routine with the next baby. It felt as though I barely sat down for a breather when I would hear hungry cries coming from the first baby. And so I would start the routine all over again. Caring for an infant is surely an act of love and devotion.

As my babies got older the days became more fun. Our time was spent not only sleeping, eating and eliminating but were filled with great adventures and play. However, lunch time was always followed by an afternoon nap.

Whether my children needed a nap or not, I put them down to “rest.” I always needed a nap!

They are both now grown men and fathers. However, my need for a daily nap has not diminished. I’m betting the same is true for them and for YOU!

If you believe napping is too sloth-like and something you could never admit to or indulge in, then call it something else. Close your eyes, turn off your phone, and if you are in an office or cubicle put out your “Do Not Disturb” sign. Tell anyone who asks that you are meditating. Or claim this as your “creative problem solving” time.

Twenty minutes is all it takes to renew and revitalize you. Trust me, this is a much more effective and self-nurturing solution than indulging in one more cup of coffee or power drink that is filled with caffeine! There is now plenty of research to support this notion if that is what you need to convince you.

Why should kindergarten students, puppies and high powered executives who have the ability to lock the door and lay their heads on their desks be the only ones to benefit from this essential habit. Daily napping is an effective strategy for improved mental health & happiness for all!