These daily messages are great for busy individuals who are dealing with a range of issues in their lives. The messages are succinct but directly pinpoint issues that one might be struggling with, and they are informative enough to make a positive difference in one’s life. The messages influence one’s life for the better. — JL

I am a teacher and one of the requirements for licensure renewal is to take
two classes every five years. I signed up for this class, offered at a
local university. It was called, Quality Classroom Management,
Non-Coersion. Little did I know that that class was going to greatly
influence how I taught, but more generally, how I thought about life as a
whole.  It was in that class that I learned about total behavior and the only
person you can control is yourself. It was transformational and empowering.
This one class, lead me to two other classes along the same topic. I read
many of Dr. Glasser’s books and feel I am much more able to deal with life
now that I know about Choice Theory. It’s a way of being. — Laura Honish

The fact that this is an invited reminder and helps me regularly focus on “what works” (the exercises) and builds my skill at focusing on the thinking, emotions and behaviors that contribute to a happier and healthier life. It’s so interesting that when I start the daily exercise, it opens up my awareness to most all aspects of what’s going on in my life and I do a better job of paying attention to meeting my needs in a “win-win” way with others. Again, thanks for the reminder! — Patrick Edwards

The challenges are a great idea. They are an effective Choice Theory teaching tool. You have asked us to contribute. I hope this feedback is helpful. The challenges confront habits I need to change or at least examine. Maybe it’s my 77 years, but a new challenge every day is too much for me to address. My tendency has become to open the email, and if it doesn’t challenge me in the moment, to close it and move on to other items on my “to do” list. There is research that suggests it takes 21 days to change one habit. I am still working on some of the challenges from previous sets. Thanks for keeping Dr. Glasser’s  vision alive. ~ Sandy

I have recommended the site to several people . Yesterday while in Estes Park Co. On vacation I personally signed up a friend on her phone.  This is such an important site.  We think about our physical health so much – we tend to foget  our mental Heath.  The daily challenge is a wonderful reminder to me – what Am I choosing to do today! — Delaine

I wish to express my appreciation for your daily emails, I have found them a wonderful stimulus for self evaluation and refection and another strategy for keeping Choice Theory Psychology alive for me on a daily basis. — Louise, Sydney, Australia.

The Mental Health and Happiness series brings the realities of CT and RT to
my own everyday living and gives me an opportunity to seek answers for my
own well-being in place of the usual routine of helping others find their
answers. Thanks for your work. — Ken