by Dr. Nancy Buck

Would you like more time in your day and life? Did you know you could create more time? Or are you one of those people who feels you are always running out of time?

Time is kind of an amazing life benefit. Time is the great equalizer, in that not matter how rich or poor, smart of limited, gregarious or reclusive, each person has exactly the same amount of time in each day. There are only 24 hours in every day.

But each person has the ability to become a time shifter. Take control of time by changing your perception of time. Here’s how.

The next time your toddler asks you to read a book, instead of looking at the clock and telling yourself and your child you don’t have time, smile at your child and say “We have all the time in the world for one story. Let’s choose a really good one.”

As you gather your things and yourself together, dashing out the door to arrive at your next important destination on time, stop in your tracks. Stand tall and still, take a deep breath in and release as you close your eyes and tell yourself you have plenty of time to arrive safely and calmly to your next appointment. Smile and step forward into the rest of your day.

On those mornings when you sleep through your alarm and awaken later than you planned and hoped, smile and tell yourself, “I’m so lucky I got the extra sleep I needed this morning. Now let me move ahead into this fine day.”

Are you getting the idea? You are as late or early as you are. But you can change your attitude about adding plenty of time, just the right amount of time, or scarcity and running out of time simply by what you say, think and tell yourself about time.

You can change your Mental Health & Happiness by adjusting your time attitude.

Instead of falling into your own trap of believing in time poverty, make a shift and embrace the wisdom of time abundance and plenty.

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