Too Much to Do

by Denise Daub

For the last week I have been admiring the fall foliage.  I live in the Northeast and right now it is at it’s peak. Everyday this past week I have been wanting to  go for a walk before beginning my work day…never happened,  too much to do.  The weather this weekend promised to be beautiful, so again I said “I will walk this weekend”… Saturday came and went, nope, too much to do.  “I will walk tomorrow for sure”.. Sunday having my coffee, checking my email and my “To Do List” and then… “I have …too much to do”.  Does any of this sound familiar?


There will always be “too much to do” so I finally said no more.. and went for my walk on Sunday, a beautiful clear cool morning.   I usually take my ipod on my walks/runs, but I realized that today wasn’t about exercise.  Although, that would be a wonderful consequence, it wasn’t what this walk was about.   I needed some time to just be.  When I exercise with my music, it motivates, inspires me and helps me to visualize what I want.  I didn’t want to think about the future and thankfully, I didn’t think about the past either.  I didn’t think about what I was going to do with the rest of my day or about  what my work week was going to be like.  I just walked and admired my surroundings.   Instead of taking my ipod I took my phone and took pictures. At the top of the hill, I always stop.  Funny, there is a stop sign there and whether a car or a person, you need to stop to and take it all in. The view is spectacular anytime of the year,  winter, spring, summer and especially the fall.   These pictures really don’t do it justice.

fallfoliage2I had a wonderful walk, I didn’t work up a sweat and that was OK, that’s for another day….today I was working on my mental health.

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