How do you want to feel?

By Nancy S Buck, PhD, RN

How do you feel today? Ill? Frightened? Satisfied? Tired? Anxious?

How do you want to feel today? Happy? Excited? Accomplished? Loved? Generous?

canstockphoto8974678Today is a good day for you to try an experiment. If you are already feeling the way you want to feel today, then save this experiment for another day when you aren’t feeling so great. Here’s how you do the experiment.

Take a lesson from a well known strategy in the acting world. Decide how you want to feel. Now imagine you are feeling the way you want to feel, what would you be doing and need to do in order to feel that way. Start doing those things.

Let me give you an example. Imagine you want to feel happy. If you are feeling your own happiness, you would be smiling broadly, feeling a lightness in your step, a fullness in your heart with sparkles of joy in your words and voice. Your posture would be tall and proud with your chest and head held high. You might even begin spontaneously humming, singing or dancing to the music that only you can hear.

Can you imagine this? Great. Now start acting this way, right now. If you’re willing to take this experiment a bit farther, go out in the world and complete an errand acting full of your own joy and happiness then come back to this blog.

Did you do it? If you did I’m betting you feel Mentally Healthier & Happier now than you did at the beginning of this experiment. Isn’t that amazing!

The excitement of this experiment is that you can do this almost any time and any place. Are you about to testify in court, something you may not frequently do? How do you want to feel when you are being questioned? Strong, brave, honest and clear. Now imagine what action you will take to feel that way as you testify.

Want to feel more loving and compassionate during you next encounter with your out-laws? If and when you feel love and compassion, how to behave? What do you do? What do you say? How do you stand? What happens with your eye contact? Start acting that way with the people who use to be your in-laws and see if you not only feel greater love and compassion, but you also start acting like a more loving and compassionate person.

How do you want to feel during your next anything? Decide how you want to feel, then imagine and plan what you need to do in order to feel the way you want. The more you practice and practice and practice this experiment, the more it will become who you are, not just an experiment you complete.

Go ahead, give it a try. You may just begin to feel  Mentally Healthier & Happier as a result!

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